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Bankingblocks offers its partners an easy to use online banking platform that they can use to access IBAN facilities and which they can offer to their own customers. If you’re a fintech, payment service provider or corporate services business that doesn’t have its own online banking platform, Bankingblocks can offer you instant access to our range of IBAN, multi-currency, domestic and international transfer services.


  • Multi-currency account support
  • Internal foreign exchange transfers between currencies
  • SEPA and SWIFT payment initiation
  • User-to-user payment, pay-to-card support
  • Advanced transaction search
  • Statement creation


  • Easy to white-label with your own branding
  • Instantly offer business banking to your customers
  • No need to invest in clunky front-end banking systems
  • Ability to present the service under your own company’s flag
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