Core Banking Platform

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Access a future-proof core banking platform that you can implement in any system, regardless of its legacy state. Connect your existing front end, become a Bankingblocks branch or receive white-label access to core banking for your own business. Use our existing connections and payment products or connect your own to deliver a complete, integrated service to your business and customers.

The Bankingblocks banking platform is fully automated and easily configurable, allowing you to set different restrictions, capabilities and pricing for different customer or industry types.

You control more than just transactions with the banking platform’s integrated onboarding, KYC and AML services, foreign exchange functionalities, reporting and more.


  • Your own desired banking set-up plus a variety of financial products via one connection
  • Front-end and back-end services with seamless business integration
  • Existing range of integrated third-party services
  • API access allows you to become a sub-branch or request your own white-label banking product


  • Secure and legacy-free flexible banking platform
  • Full product management from one location
  • Integrated transaction, compliance and reconciliation services
  • Flexible configuration and setup tailored to your business
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