Fintech Unplugged guest-starring Bankingblocks CEO Daria Rippingale

Fintech Unplugged guest-starring Bankingblocks CEO Daria Rippingale | Interviews

28 October 2019 by Julieta Atanasova

Co-founder and CEO of Bankingblocks Daria Rippingale was a guest on the Fintech Unplugged podcast. Daria talks challenges that fintechs face and how the collaboration between new and traditional players is shaping the scene.

“Neo banks and fintechs are […] looking to move to proper debit card solutions and proper ibans with individual accounts per customer to give them the ability to easily convert multiple currencies etc. What many don’t understand is they have may have already aligned themselves with an EMI and an issuer that may only provide prepaid products, single currency BINs in Euro or GBP and they are not in a position to pivot so quickly into multi-currency with their existing providers.”

Fintech Unplugged is a bright and informative show about all things Fintech, Payments and Banking. The podcast is co-hosted by Robert Courtneidge, CEO of Moorwand, and Suresh Vaghjiani, founder and CEO of Tribe Payments.

Here are some of the topics featured in the episode:

  • The current neo-bank boom and their need to shift to revenue-generating business models
  • The differences between EU and other fintech markets
  • EU regulation
  • Women in Fintech
  • EWPN
  • Advance Awards

To listen to Fintech Unplugged episode 3 with Daria Rippingale, Bankingblocks CEO, follow the link below: