White-label Onboarding

Compliance | White-label Onboarding

Speed up your onboarding process with the Bankingblocks’ award-winning onboarding and compliance platform. Efficiently conduct individual, corporate and merchant onboarding, from lead to live, and customise the process to your business needs.


  • Streamlined merchant onboarding platform
  • Integrated underwriting and risk assessment tools
  • Complete overview of all boarding stages and processes, including blockages
  • Full internal and external communications and document management platform, allowing all onboarding, compliance, communications and document storage processes to be logged in one auditable and trackable system
  • Streamlined underwriting process to ensure that merchants can start processing as soon as possible
  • Integrated contracting and risk scoring system
  • Access to task management, account prioritisation and external integrations, as well as leading credit and risk scoring services, including Web Shield and Dow Jones


  • Ability to run lean underwriting teams with more efficient onboarding
  • Customisable to individual business and risk management processes
  • Enhanced KYC and AML activities
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