Payment Institution Sub-Licensing (Agent)

Compliance | Payment Institution Sub-Licensing (Agent)

Become a regulated Payment Institution agent through Oonex SA, Bankingblocks European Payment Institution partner. Being a regulated Payment Institution Agent allows your business to operate a number of regulated services, such as third party fund collection and payment issuance. Our Payment Institution Sub-Licensing program also allows your business to offer all of Bankingblocks’ products and services under your own brand, including eCommerce acquiring, POS acquiring and multi-currency IBANs. Expand your services and increase revenue by offering instant payment remittance and financial services in the European Union and the European Economic Area. If you’re approved as a regulated agent, your company will be listed as an official agent of a registered institution and will be listed on the Financial Regulator European listing.


  • Payment institution license (Agent) registration
  • Ability to offer Bankingblocks products with your own branding
  • Legally provide financial services on behalf of third-parties


  • Legally operate, collect, settle and remit funds on behalf of your clients
  • No need to go through the lengthy process of becoming a fully regulated PI or EMI
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